Bouanane Emad


 Emad Bouanane


2002-2003 Libre / Senior S.C. ABBEVILLE COTE PICARDE
1999-2000 Libre / Senior U.S. D'AVRANCHES MONT ST MICHEL
1998-1999 Libre / Senior A.S. BEAUVAIS OISE
1997-1998 Libre / Senior POISSY A.S.
1996-1997 Libre / Senior POISSY A.S.
1996-1997 Libre / Senior ET.S. AIGLONS BRIVE
1995-1996 Libre / 17 Ans (3) ET.S. AIGLONS BRIVE
1994-1995 Libre / 17 Ans (2) POISSY A.S.
1993-1994 Libre / 17 Ans (1) POISSY A.S.
1992-1993 Libre / 15 Ans (3) POISSY A.S.


Emad Bouanane (born 1984) is a French footballer. Originally signed by manager Brian Flynn to play as a left back for Wrexham Football Club, Emad Bouanane quickly became a favourite amongst the Wrexham supporters. His attacking style of play excited the crowd but often enraged his team mates as he was out of position, leaving them to cover for him.

Having been released from the Red Dragons in the summer of 2001 due to financial problems, Emad went on to have a failed trial at another football league side, Swindon Town F.C.. He spent a year living in Birmingham before signing for fifth-tier French club SC Abbeville. He scored on his début in a 2-0 victory against AC Cambrai.